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 About Builders Diversified

At Builders Diversified Inc. it is our goal to make the terms "integrity", "superior service" and "professionalism" more than overused marketing terms.  



We do not use bait and switch marketing tactics. We give fair prices and endeavor to spell out the best options for our clients. The quality that you pay for is the quality you get. The lowest price is not always the best. We pay our bills. We treat our staff and subcontractors with respect and we won’t waste your time playing games.

Superior Service

When our clients say jump, we ask how high. When clients have deadlines, we do everything on our power to meet them. When a problem needs solved, we look for answers. When a warranty issue or question arises, we return the call and tackle the situation. 


We do detailed estimates, We give clear written proposals that detail both inclusions and exclusions. We can take your project from concept to completion. We will provide you with detailed invoices and pay applications that spell out what you are paying for. Good internal and external documentation ensures that critical issues are addressed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are estimates free or is there a charge?

Typically estimates are free of charge. On most projects we visit the site to learn your specific needs and review the existing conditions. We then produce basic drawings as required for our use in preparing a bid. Our computerized estimates sheets are then completed based on the scope of the project and a written proposal is presented to the client. 

Do you perform consulting services as well as construction work?

Yes, we can provide estimating and construction management services on a fee basis even though we might not be selected to perform the actual construction work. We have provided estimating services for several new homes and performed as construction managers managing over $6.2 million of work.

How long does a project take?

The first step in the process is the estimate and proposal phase which depending on the difficulty factor may take between 7 and 21 days to complete. The duration of the actual project depends on the scope of work and the lead times for various project materials to arrive. Often we schedule the start of project based on the arrival of major long lead time items. Clients are given detailed schedules on all major projects.  

What are typical payment terms?

Payment terms vary based on the nature of the project. Typically with new residential clients we request a small down payment at the signing of the contract and bill for work completed every two weeks. On commercial projects the typical billing cycle is 30 days with payment expected within 30 days from the date of the billing.  

Compared to many of our competitors, we use a special billing format that ensures that you pay only for work that has been completed or materials that are stored on site. The format is simple to read and shows what work has been completed, what previous payments were made and what is the balance to finish.

Do you do commercial work?

Yes, we are skilled and staffed to handle projects up to; say $5 million, and perform many smaller commercial projects such as office renovations, maintenance work on doors, paint and masonry sealing work. We also have the ability to construct custom work stations, install exhaust systems and do commercial additions. 

Do I need a permit for my project?

Most municipalities anything that involves structural changes, exterior foundations, changes to the exterior shape of the structure such as additions or work that involves more than cosmetic/replacement electrical or plumbing requires an inspection. We normally will submit any required data to the municipality and include the cost of permits within our quotation. 

Do you build new homes?

No, not unless they are in the $500,000 and up price range where we would typically offer a construction management arrangement to clients on these types of projects. 

If you didn't find your question here, Call us, or e-mail your question to our construction professionals.



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