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 Going Green

Q:  What does the term "Green Building" describe?

A:   The term 'Green Building" or "Sustainable Building" is used to describe the process of designing buildings and their features to use products and methods that save energy, reduce green house and volatile chemical gases and create healthier more productive  work and living spaces. One way to "green" a building would be to use products such as carpet made from recycled plastic bottles and paints that off gas less chemicals both of these solutions can improve indoor air quality and reduce the waste stream. Another method might be to "deconstruct" an old structure by recycling the glass, steel and concrete into other products rather than demolishing it and using up valuable landfill space with the debris.    

Building "green" also means building better longer wearing buildings using more durable building methods that reduce repair cost, and the amount of energy, resources and waste disposal required over the life of the structure.  Studies show that over the long run "green" buildings have lower operating costs. 

At Builders Diversified Inc. we present our commercial and residential clients a variety of green building and conventional building techniques giving clients information that helps them make the choices that are best for them and the environment over the long run. 








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Last modified: December 05, 2007

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